John McIntyre, Managing Partner

I’m very pleased to offer this testimonial for Kyle Kalloo of Change My Business Coaching. I’ve known Kyle since 2015 and have worked with Kyle on numerous opportunities and projects. The work we’ve done has spanned the spectrum of personal coaching sessions, to working with a few of our travel consultants, to working with our entire organization. These various opportunities have covered a variety of objectives that include higher personal awareness, growth and development, specific focus on creating a more effective organization, and professional sales training. Our business typically brings new people on board who have limited sales experience but are entering a new vocation where being active and motivated in a pure sales and marketing environment is the landscape. Kyle’s ability to flex between individual coaching needs to addressing broad organizational demands is excellent. His business acumen is outstanding. His coaching technique is based in active listening, straight feedback, and thought provocation. His Change Managment capability is superb.

We work with Kyle because simply put, he helps us improve ourselves consistently and ultimately helps our business. I’m very happy to offer my full endorsement of Kyle Kalloo should you or your firm have similar business coaching and/or organizational effectiveness needs.