Testimonials for Kyle Kalloo

Dear Kyle and Team,

When I first met with you and your team I had a clear picture of what I wanted from the business coaching, both for me and my team. I was looking for a way to build the dream team, grow my understanding of the personal and career goals for every employee and together, build an atmosphere that is based on the values of customer service, cooperation, collaboration, and personal growth. I am pleased to say that in a very short period of time, I am seeing the results of your work with every member of my firm. There’s more team work, consultation between co-workers and increased office morale.

I look forward to our continued partnership with your team Kyle and to witnessing the far reaching impact for my team, my firm and myself as a leader and mentor.

Kind regards,

Gary Doran

Gary Doran C.G.A., C.P.A., Managing Partner

Felix: Realtor

Mason: Realtor

Catherine for Kyle

On behalf of the Exco and members of NIDO, I will like to express our profound gratitude for the time you spent coaching us on Saturday. The presentation was very well received. The presentation was so practical and down to earth. Met the need of the hour in my view. The principles enunciated could be applied immediately. It was very practical and it addressed current realities. Actually we started applying learning as a group during the remaining part of the meeting.

Phillip Eto, President, NIDOA Calgary Canada

I’m very pleased to offer this testimonial for Kyle Kalloo of Change My Business Coaching. I’ve known Kyle since 2015 and have worked with Kyle on numerous opportunities and projects. The work we’ve done has spanned the spectrum of personal coaching sessions, to working with a few of our travel consultants, to working with our entire organization. These various opportunities have covered a variety of objectives that include higher personal awareness, growth and development, specific focus on creating a more effective organization, and professional sales training. Our business typically brings new people on board who have limited sales experience but are entering a new vocation where being active and motivated in a pure sales and marketing environment is the landscape. Kyle’s ability to flex between individual coaching needs to addressing broad organizational demands is excellent. His business acumen is outstanding. His coaching technique is based in active listening, straight feedback, and thought provocation. His Change Managment capability is superb.

We work with Kyle because simply put, he helps us improve ourselves consistently and ultimately helps our business. I’m very happy to offer my full endorsement of Kyle Kalloo should you or your firm have similar business coaching and/or organizational effectiveness needs.


John McIntyre, Managing Partner

My business partner and I walked into our strategic planning consultation and felt an immediate positive vibe change. Kyle is a superstar coach, bringing to the industry a deep knowledge along with a very apparent passion for his craft. He has a direct but open approach, allowing for an honest discussion, yet also providing needed structure. Kyle’s charisma and engaging personality keeps all stakeholders on track towards a common goal. He asks, “Why do you wake up everyday and do what you do? Remember this because all roads lead back to Rome.” Very insightful and impactful session, we left with great value and are excited to tackle all the action items. I highly recommend Kyle and his team for anyone looking to take their business or partnership to the next level. Thanks Kyle and team!


Jasben Lai, Realtor®

I would not hesitate to recommend Kyle! He is professional, funny, informative and extremely helpful. I have heard nothing but great reviews from any one I have referred to him. Change not only your business but your life by hiring Kyle!

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Cheryl Sanguinetti, Realtor®

Within minutes of meeting and sitting down with Kyle I was comfortable and excited all at the same time with the vision Kyle had for me and my business and how we were going to get it there.

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Kevin Bullock, Business Development Manager

I count myself fortunate to get coached by Kyle – Change My Business Coaching. Kyle’s coaching style is one of compassion and understanding the clients challenge. Within the first season Kyle was able to provide key steps I needed to take immediately Thank you Kyle Kalloo for the clarity I much needed Alnoor

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Alnoor Damji, Career Coach

I met with Kyle for an initial consultation. I left the meeting feeling intrigued, and impressed by some key information I have not previously heard anywhere else. Kyle has a light and welcoming demeanor, which makes you feel comfortable and valuable as a client. What struck me the most is his wealth of knowledge on human nature, which is important to any business or even sale. I recommend Kyle as a business coach.

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Zeina Elsayed, CEO

I had the pleasure of attending a speaking engagement in which Kyle was presenting. He offered information on prioritizing, generating leads, and long term strategizing for your business. He is a well organized, engaging speaker with many illuminating insights. It is clear he has deep well of knowledge and experience and would benefit any company looking to increase efficiency and/or expand their business.

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Ashley Schiller-Brown, CEO

Kyle has given me the clarity I needed to understand my financials by deep diving into them on a monthly basis. He identified a few areas of concern and assisted me with several solutions. More importantly, Kyle worked with me to understand the concept of lead measures and how to look at my numbers as the month progressed and not wait for the month to end before seeing them. Change my business coaching has been a godsend to me assisting me in several areas from developing a strategy to grow my company to handling difficult human resources issues. Thanks Kyle!


Hanks Plumbing & Gas Fitting Ltd.

I’ve been working with Change My Business Coaching for over a year now, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way I think about running my business and how I must grow as a person to achieve the results I want. As with many things worth doing in life, it has taken time and persistence. Kyle has great methods for helping me see the next steps, when my natural tendencies are to try and see the whole picture at once. I believe that every owner, founder, or executive should have a coach and Kyle Kalloo at CMBC will challenge you in all the right ways.


Re Carlson

Kyle is excellent at zeroing in on the core of the issue and then offering a wealth of information on how to best strategize a solution. I’ve met with him a few times when I was really stuck and couldn’t figure out a solution and he was always able to instantly see the issue and provide me with excellent solutions from his wealth of experience in executive roles. Additionally, he was very generous with his time.

Nelda Schulte, Owner

Kyle Kalloo with Change My Business Coaching has taken me from being frustrated to the point that I wanted to walk out of my job every single day to the point where I am now doing my job, leading our sales team and directly reporting to the business owner. Our flagging sales team has new life, they are motivated and committed and have set a goal to increase overall sales by 25% by year end. THEY set the goal!! THEY are committed to it and our now weekly meetings help keep them on track and keep them accountable!!! I cannot say enough about the guidance I was given and the impact it has already had on morale, sales and team building! I highly recommend Kyle Kalloo and Change My Business Coaching to EVERYONE who has a job, who wants a job, who is a leader!!!

Yvonne Dunn, Sales Manager

I have watched Kyle Kalloo in action, and I’ve seen him help clients produce results. He starts with standardized, structured questions to understand you and your business’ situation, priorities and dreams. Next he helps you bore down to reveal and suggest action steps. And finally he keeps you accountable and always moving forward. He’ll ask challenging questions and keep you on your toes, and it’ll be worth it.


The Bookkeeping Department

I’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with Kyle in the past. I have seen him to be a dynamic business person, capable of effecting positive change within an organization through his natural leadership ability based on integrity and trust. He makes decisions with clarity and conviction and is a driving force in seeing initiatives through to fruition.


Tyler Bowley, Vice President, Client Executive – Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada

Kyle has a depth and breadth of knowledge on business along with a wealth of experience. He is invested in ensuring that his clients are able to be successful.


Kayle Paustian, Analyst – Delta Appraisal Corporation

Kyle is excellent at zeroing in on the core of the issue and then offering a wealth of information on how to best strategize a solution. I’ve met with him a few times when I was really stuck and couldn’t figure out a solution and he was always able to instantly see the issue and provide me with excellent solutions from his wealth of experience in executive roles.


Nelda Schulte, Director – Calgary Dwelling Consultants

I owe my career to Kyle and am proud to say it. Kyle recruited me into community management and has helped me immensely along the way. Whether it came from sage advice or just demonstrating the power of a steady hand in any situation, Kyle truly is excellent at anything and everything that he touches.


Phil Sobkow, Community Manager – FirstService Residential

Dedication to improvement is what I see when working with Kyle. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kyle for over six months. Each time I’m in his office I can see the support that Kyle provides to his employees. He has the ability to create and maintain a professional yet fun and engaging work environment. Kyle thinks of others before himself and in my opinion this sets him apart from many COO’s that I know. If I needed someone to take a business to the next level; Kyle would be my first choice.


Jason Traynor, CFP – Manulife

Kyle Kalloo is one of the most brilliant and experienced professionals I have ever met in my 15-year professional career. I had the pleasure of working with him in our networking group for almost a full year. I was completely blown away when I got the opportunity to sit with Kyle for a business coaching session, it was truly life changing and I would recommend him to any professional ranging from CEO to Admin. I now work in a field that Kyle used to work in, with some of his former employees, every single one of them praise Kyle for his passion for business and success – which was not at all a surprise to hear! They also speak about what an amazing person he was to work with, which I couldn’t agree more with. Truly, an outstanding person and professional!


Marcus Gaisie, Community Manager – FirstService Residential

Ever since getting into commercial real estate, meeting Kyle and having him as my mentor/business coach is one of the best things to happen to me. Through thoughtful strategy and extensive (and impressive) work experience, he has earned my respect by delivering immediate results in my interactions with clients and colleagues. His professional career boasts numerous accolades and I’m grateful that he is passing on his leadership style/knowledge to me. I am continually impressed at the way he is able to listen, synthesize and provide an action plan to go forward. Excited to continue working with Kyle (Change My Business Coaching) and would highly recommend him to others.


Mason Lam, Commercial Real Estate -Jones Lang LaSalle

Kyle is a professional who brings the best for his clients. When I went in for his assessment, I thought I was going to get a lot of airy fairy generalizations. He did none of the sort and started delivering value before I even hired him! I would recommend Kyle if you’re wanting to grow your business and you know that an investment in yourself and/or your business will pay big dividends down the road.


David Lanciault, CEO – Lancelot Furnace Ltd.

Change My Life Coaching has made a significant impact on my business! Kyle Kalloo has an unconventional approach to understanding my goals and helped pave a road map to achieving them. The tools, resources, and advice he has shared provided a high level of clarity and the results are nothing short of amazing. Each coaching session has given me something tangible to walk away with to improve my business, from assisting me with time management to helping with growth strategies to hit my 5-year target. The best part is what you learn from him can be applied to your personal life, enriching how you live and improving all the relationships you have. I am way more confident in my business and how I communicate with clients and prospective clients. It is so remarkable how much I have achieved in the short time working with him. Looking forward to the journey.


Felix Chan, Realtor

As I signed up for Business Coaching I thought, I have no idea what I am in for. I knew that I had previously used a business coach and it was a lot of money, time, and I felt like I was coaching him. Anyone who knows Kyle, knows for a fact he won’t waste your time.

I walked out of the initial session coached! I had been given tools, and a virtual road map of where I should be going. I thought, he’s good, but I was still a little skeptical once I saw the monthly amounts and commitment time frame. I trusted Kyle and his reputation he had left me with after our first meeting. I singed up for six month…(read more, see attachment).

Testimonial – Jade Anderson – Kyle Kalloo


Jade Anderson, CEO – Bumble Bee Basket Inc.

Dear Kyle,

I recently experienced your “Everything DiSC Sales” training. This letter explains why I enjoyed the workshop and would recommend that any reader seriously consider attending one sometime soon.

First, let me explain my perspective. I operate and grow bookkeeping business with my wife. Amongst other things I design and perform the marketing and sales function for a company.

My background includes many years as a teacher, and as a Salesman in other contexts. I just attended many “professional development” and training horses. Most were ineffective because I could not Implement what I’d learned. I wasted my time. So, I accepted your invitation with curiosity.

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Richard Sherry, CEO – The Bookkeeping Department

Dear Kyle,

Let me begin by thanking you for the presentation on ‘Working Styles’ you gave to our volunteers. He took the time to get to know about our organization, its Mission and the vital role the volunteers play in the success of our program. The material was not only informative and easy-to-follow, it was presented with humor which created a very comfortable atmosphere. The information is something that I can use on an ongoing basis with the volunteers in the training sessions to come.

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Joyce Doran, Manager

I’m very pleased to offer this testimonial with respect to the professional services of Christopher Lawrence and Kyle Kalloo of Change My Life Coaching. In June 2016 Christopher and Kyle facilitated a one-day session for the owners of 8 Expedia CruiseShipCenters offices located in the Calgary region. The intent of this session was to design a strategic marketing plan process that our owners could use for presentation to multiple travel industry preferred supplier partners. The objectives of the strategic plan was to build stronger business relationships with the select group of travel partners that would deliver more and better education for our consultants, exclusive value offers to our clients, and acquire more marketing funding from the supplier.

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John McIntyre, Managing Partner, – Expedia CruiseShipCenters

Hi Kyle,

I would like to share with you and others on how your coaching has helped me with my business and personal life.

Below are examples of how much you have helped me this past year! – I used to bring home my work. It’s not fair to my wife. She’s my rock and I didn’t realize how tiring it was for her to listen to the same daily challenges that I faced. With your help, i’m now able to map out a solution to any obstacles that I face daily.

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DAVID LE, FCIP, CRM, Vice President, Client Executive – BFL CANADA

In the last week – attending this interactive workshop helped me discover how to adapt my personal selling style to each customer’s buying style! What a win! Thank you Kyle for this engaging presentation – you just hit the “eject” button on my current selling style and I can’t wait to implement these strategies in my business – looking at the sales experience through a new lenses is exciting.

Elspeth, CEO

Attended a fantastic seminar “Increase Sales In Any Business” this week. What a great day of learning and networking. Kyle Kalloo is one of the best presenter and trainers I have ever met. I highly recommend jumping on the next course offered by the team of Change My Life Coaching.


Daryl S., CFP, RRC, EPC – Investors Group

The Dental Wellness Group in Calgary had the opportunity of having Kyle come in the afternoon with our team of 40 women. His presentation and understanding of the colors and how they pertain to our team was really good. The ladies that we worked with took that information that we learnt and have been using it and are professional setting and also in their personal lives as well. We would recommend Kyle. His personality was refreshing. He is a very articulate speaker and at no time were we bored. His presentation was energetic and he got to the point quickly. Thanks Kyle for all the great information.


Jackie Brett, Manager – Dental Wellness Group

Thanks so much for arranging the evening with Kyle Kalloo… His presentation was very pertinent to our situation.  He is an excellent presenter and he summarizes the material very well.  Very enjoyable and helpful.

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Ten Thousand Villages

Hi Kyle,
I would like to share with you and others on how your coaching has helped me with my business and personal life.

Below are examples of how much you have helped me this past year!

– I used to bring home my work. This was not fair to my wife. She is my rock and I didn’t realize how tiring it was for her to listen to the same daily challenges that I faced. With your help, I am now able to map out a solution to any obstacles that I face daily. There were times when I had to take you up on the 24/7 access because I couldn’t map a solution. It’s these moments that I grew and understood the true value of having you as a business/life coach!

– One of my primary responsibilities as an executive is to generate new business for my  brokerage. I used to have an active prospect list of 20-30+ prospects in my sales funnel. With your help, I am now able to determine who my ideal client is. I know who I am selling to. I know their thought process and buying style. This has allowed me to further qualify my prospects in my sales funnel and focus on my ideal clients. I am ecstatic to say that all of my prospects and clients today are all my ideal clients.

– By knowing and working with my ideal clients, I am now able to dedicate and provide top notch customer service 24/7. This is possible because you have helped me manage my time more efficiently.

– You have helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing all of my efforts on making my weakness disappear; I now dedicate majority of my time to making my strengths so strong that it naturally gives me a huge advantage over my competition.

– I have always worked hard and dedicated a lot of time to growing and being the best husband, father, son, friend and co-worker that I can be. I sometimes find myself spinning my wheels trying to be the best in all these roles. With your help, I am now able to dedicate more quality time to each relationship.

– This year I was fortunate and blessed to be nominated by Canadian Top Broker Magazine as one of the Top 10 Under 40 across Canada. Out of the Top 10, I was chosen as one of the Top 3 to receive the  Peer-to-Peer award. I know your coaching was one of the key factors that attributed to my success this past year.

Please have your contact call or email me if they need to discuss anything further.  Have a great day!


David Le, FCIP, CRM, Vice President, Client Executive – BFL CANADA

Making Kyle part of our team has been the best business decision Dominion has made in its 30 years of business. Since Kyle came aboard, we have transformed the way we do business. Today, for the first time since we incorporated, we are effectively tracking our financials in order to make profitable decisions in every area of our business.

– Kraig McIver

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